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Sodium Dichloro Isocyanuric (SDIC)

Formula:C3O3N3CI2NaSodium Dichloro Isocyanuric (SDIC)
Dangerous Type:5.1
CAS NO:2893-78-9

Appearance: White powder, granular, or Tablet
Effective Chorine: %≥56.0  60.0
PH(1%Solution): 5.5-7.0

Package: 10kg/15kg/20kg/25kg/30kg/40kg/45kg/50kg plastic drums or 50kg paper
 Drums or plastic knitting bag 1000kg, or decided by customer.
Capability of Containers:  20FCL=12.6-21.6MTS(Net Weight)
40FCL=25MT(Net Weight) 

Sterlize drinking water, swimming pool, tableware and air, fight against infectious diseases, preventive disinfection an environ-mental sterilization in different places, acts as disinfectant in raising silkworm. livestock, poultry and fish, and also can be used to prevent wool from shrinkage, bleach the textile and clean the industrial circulating water. The product has high efficiency and constant performance and has no harm to human beings.

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